Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Today was an exciting Yoga day, Hatha Yoga class for 75 minutes to be exact.

Entertaining to stretch, twist and balance your body in positions that are not always humanly possible.

I did 15 mins of cardio after for good measure.. tomorrow is weigh in day!

My blonde moment of the day was locking myself out of my locker.

There is a keybad, you set it daily. I hit another key as I was closing the locker. Bamo, locked out.

I had to call someone to unlock it for me. I had my bag, so i was dressed without shoes, phone or keys. Whoops.

I felt like a major jack ass!

The kicker is the nice lady who tried to help me couldn't get the unlocking machine to work. So a guy had to come in the room to get it to work.
The lady warned people that a dude was coming into the locker room. One lady said, ehh, i'm wearing underwear and continued to blow dry her hair in the mirror in her undies.
Oh my.

Tomorrow's going to be a crazy day, so I may not make it to the gym. Lets see how the AM weigh in goes! Wish me luck!

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