Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday... the day of rest?

Today's big plans were to hit the gym for some gentle yoga and the stores for some clothing shopping.

Yesterdays trip to TJ Maxx for clothes for ME resulted in a shirt, belt, jeans for Pat, PJ's for LuLu and Wind pants for B. LuLu was very helpful in picking out things. We defined a few boundaries. Anything that looks like Hanna Montanna would wear it.. is out.
Anything with more cut outs then fabric... is out.
Anything that sparkles more then a disco ball... is out.
She came into the dressing room with me, discussed my "big belly", stretch marks and a host of other things. Yes, there were other people in the dresing area and I did hear some giggling.

Today, I woke up, got the kids ready, and prepared for the gym. The evil scale in the corner called to me, and I "checked" my progress. Well there wasn't any. My weigh in days are Wednesdays. I am not a patient person, I wanted to see a little progress...

So Gentle Yoga went out the door for a hot 45 minute date wth the elliptical machine. I found the personal trainer mode and that kicked my butt. I did a small lower leg circuit after for good measure. Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and be skinny now :)

We did hit the mall...all five of us. Several stores more then a zillion things tried on resulted in:
2 pairs of jeans for B, since his all have holes in the knees
2 pairs of shorts for B, needed for Disney, as I tried on last years and they are WAY short
2 pairs of PJ pants for B
a random shirt with a toy for B
lands end hoodie for B
lands end hoodie for A
and 2 pairs of pants for ME.. :) Whoohhoho ( Lands End has 50% mark downs BTW).

As it stands, I am glad there are laundry machines in Disney 'cause I won't have enough clothes for the week.
Any suggestions?

Tomorrow's another day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

To start again

A few nice ladies said I should blog my life. I have started before and never maintained it, failing miserably.

Its a new year and I am working on a new me.

Last year, around my birthday, I saw some pics of myself.

Holy Crap, was I a train wreck. Fat, bad hair, no pride in myself, just Blah.

I started Weight Watchers and lost about 18lbs. I started to regain a sense of self.

I took a break for some knee surgeries. I did fairly well and maintained my weight with in about 5lbs.

Now its time to work harder to get where I want to be, not where I am .

I am declaring war on my fat. My fat ass, my fat stomach and my fat arms.

Be gone..

I joined a gym.
I rejoined weight watchers.

Its time to be me again, and not this fat slob I've become.

Anyone else on the same journey?

I can use all the support I can get.. its not a weekend jaunt, its a freaking cruise around the world.

Hold on tight, here I go!